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Bible Software and Software Vendors

I've found the following Bible study software very helpful. I'm also including links to software vendors who have good prices and service.

Biblical Preaching Exemplified

The Lord was pleased to use Charles Spurgeon over a century ago to declare the glories of the Sovereign God revealed in the face of Christ. Get his collected sermons (over 62 years worth) on one CD and discover the glory of our Lord and Savior revealed through Biblical preaching.  Click the image below to visit Ages Library for this and several other valuable and very affordable collections.

The C.H. Spurgeon Collection

Puritan Theology Displayed

John Owen's works are not easy to read. But this does not mean that they are not worth reading. Their value cannot be overestimated.

The John Owen Collection


I highly recommend Rejoice Christian Software. They have very good prices and service. If they carry what you are looking for, there is no need to look further. You won't find a better deal.

E-sword Bible Software

E-sword is a very helpful software package. I highly recommend it. The base program and most of the modules are free. I have missed having A.T. Robertson, Gill, and several other classics synchronized with Bible navigation.

Free Bible Software

Free Bible Software from the Ephesians 4 Group

This is a bona fide offer of quality Logos Bible software. I ordered it and it came exactly as advertised. I get nothing in return for referring you to them. I simply believe that the materials offered on the CD are some of the best theological works you can find, in print or out. Click the free bible software link to order your copy today.


Reformation Theology


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Pleasures of God