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Audio book to be revised

Several chapters of Horatius Bonar's The Everlasting Righteousness are available at the link below.  However, the recording quality is not up to snuff.  I have gained access to a better recording system.  I hope to re-record the entire book in 2009.

Horatius Bonar
The Everlasting Righteousness is an excellent basic study on justification.  Read or listen.

God's Way of Holiness and Follow the Lamb are two works of encouragement for the Christian. Your soul will be blessed as you feed on these meditations of God's truth.

Abraham Booth
The Reign of Grace-- I have found this book to be a great encouragement. His style reminds me much of Pastor John Piper, if Piper had lived in the 1800s.

John Gill
The Worship of God, or Practical Religion

  James Haldane
The Doctrine and the Duty of Self Examination

J. C. Ryle
    The Cross--21st century evangelicals would do well to invest in Ryle's little treatise on the fundamentals of religion.  His pen burns as hotly as Paul's heart did concerning the cross of Christ.  

The Duties of Parents--Ryle has excellent advice for parents.  Though he calls them "duties" here, they are wholeseome acts of love to demonstrate towards and for your dear children.

B. B. Warfield
The Trinity--Warfield's profitable thoughts on the nature of the Trinity.

The Lord of Glory--Digital images of Warfield's study on the N.T. designations of Jesus Christ with special reference to His Deity.





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