Gettin’ Geeky with the Greeky

Here are some newer Greek helps that you may not be aware of:

Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction and Integrated Workbook is a new beginner’s Greek and a viable alternative to Mounce’s Basic’s of Biblical Greek. One benefit is an awareness of ongoing dialogue surrounding verbal aspect, included in the lesson material.


Daily Dose of Greek has 25 videos available to help you learn New Testament Greek from scratch. The vids are keyed to Black’s Learn to Read NT Greek, 3rd ed. In addition (and possibly more relevant), a daily 2 minute video is available to help hone your already-acquired skills. These resources are from Rob Plummer, who is professor of New Testament at Southern Seminary in Louisville. Dr. Plummer is also a co-author of the next resource on the list.

Going Deeper with New Testament Greek is a new intermediate  textbook designed for those with their initial Greek classes completed.


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