Updated – DeYoung’s Taking God At His Word: Resources

God’s Word is Sufficient, Clear, Authoritative, and Necessary

You can get Kevin DeYoung’s new book, Taking God at His Word for $1.99 on Kindle. I’m currently reading through this book with my pastor.  It’s a heartwarming and encouraging call to faithfulness.

As well, there are lecture & sermon resources available.

DeYoung @ T4G – 2014

Kevin DeYoung preaching on the Doctrine of Scripture, May-July 2012

From Pastor DeYoung’s own church, you can listen to or watch the sermons which fed this book. For convenience I’m linking the videos directly here.

Taking God At His Word Conference – 2014

Westminster Seminary has some videos from a conference which may also be of interest.

Carried Along by the Holy Spirit: The Inspiration of Scripture as an Inspiration for your Ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

Two Q and A Panel video albums with Kevin DeYoung, Carl Trueman, and Greg Beale:

Biblical Innerancy – Chicago-style

Thirty-one years ago, nearly 300 evangelical leaders affixed their names to the Chicago Statement on Biblical Innerancy. Included among them were R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, Roger Nicole, Norman L. Geisler, Robert Preus, James Montgomery Boice, John Gerstner, Carl F. H. Henry, Kenneth Kantzer, Harold Lindsell, John Warwick Montgomery, Earl Radmacher, Francis Schaeffer, and John Wenham.

I know several of our younger readers here are not aware of this brief yet important work. Some of the names above are possibly familiar but others are unknown. It may seem that 31 years ago is equivalent to eternity past from our historically-truncated viewpoint but it isn’t. You will know this experientially when you turn 31. Rest assured that it is well-written and worth your investment in reading it. It is a document that I have re-read and thought about many times over the years.