The Great Trinity Debate: Bowman & Burke

Evangelical Rob Bowman and Christadelphian Dave Burke have completed their debate of the nature of God on the Parchment and Pen blog. Below are their posts collected in summary form to help you follow the discussion from beginning to end.


Part 1 – On God and Scripture

Part 2 – On Jesus Christ

Part 3 – On Jesus Christ, continued

Part 4 – On The Holy Spirit

Part 5 – On The Trinity

Part 6 – Closing Statements

Beduhn and Bowman Debate John 8:58

Rob Bowman has labored for many years in service to the church at large and to reach many individuals with the gospel of Christ. He has spent much of that time ministering to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Although his opponent in this debate isn’t a Jehovah’s Witness, Mr. Beduhn is referenced by many JW apologists, especially when it comes to the translation and interpretation of John 8:58.

This is no trivial, abbreviated discussion. Buckle your seatbelts and hang on.

Beduhn v. Bowman on John 8:58