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To  Glorify  God

Reading and Listening for Building Up In the Christian Faith.

Christianity is a living, growing faith. Joy in God is to grow in your life as your knowledge of Him grows. It is not a "religion" that occupies one room in the house of your life. Christianity, being a vital and living faith, is meant to abound more and more in us, growing more in love with Christ. But how does that happen? Primarily by God's ministry to us in preaching and teaching (see Ephesians 4:11-16 below). Christianity is not the religion of lone rangers, living outside the fellowship and instruction of Christians called by God to minister within the body, to build it up in unity and love.

These God-given teachers, both ancient and modern, have much to say that will benefit us. We need to spend time reading their books and listening to their sermons. This cannot be done in large part on the internet (at least not today). Most of these works are unavailable online. Also, there is much worthless and misleading material that should be avoided. Therefore I will try to provide you with a meaningful reading/listening list that will benefit you both intellectually and spiritually.

You will find links at the bottom of this page to other ministries providing similar information. Take the time to explore them. May our Triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; use these teachers in your life for His glory and for your good.

I have attempted to rate the works according to their general reading difficulty. The range is from basic to intermediate to advanced. This rating is highly subjective yet I hope it is helpful nonetheless. The sequence which the works are listed in is not meaningful.

        Basic - Simple sentence structure and/or no Hebrew/Greek language skills required.

         Intermediate - More complex sentence structure and/or Hebrew/Greek skills may be helpful but are not necessary.

        Advanced - Complex sentences and/or Hebrew/Greek skills may be required to understand the book.

From time to time I will be adding specific reviews and quotes for the works listed here.



Booksellers I Recommend

I heartily recommend the following booksellers. I have purchased from all of them and have found their prices and service to be very good. Cumberland Valley has the best prices on current titles I've found anywhere. Chapel Library has an amazing assortment of tracts, booklets and books at next-to-nothing. Their Spurgeon sermon booklets have had a profound and lasting impact on my theology and piety. Reformation Heritage Books regularly offers hard to find used and rare books at competitive prices. I've included Barnes & Noble and Amazon since the other ones I have listed don't offer a full range of available titles on a given topic. Barnes & Noble will usually beat Amazon on price but I recommend that you check both of them before making a purchase.  Calvary Press has printed some excellent new works in defense of the reformation.  

Cumberland Valley
Bible Book Service
 Chapel Library  
Reformation Heritage Books

Barnes and Noble

Calvary Press


In this, as in all things, our desire is to honor God. May the Sovereign Lord bless us and build us up in the knowledge of the Triune God, as we pursue knowing Him through His Word. Soli Deo Gloria


And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fulness of Christ.

As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves, and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love. (Eph 4:11-16, NASB)


New Testament Greek

Basics of Biblical Greek, Mounce.
This is one of the best, if not the best introduction to New Testament Greek. For those of us who do not have the opportunity to attend seminary but still want to gain a knowledge of the language, this book used in combination with Dr. Mounce's audio course will get you started. You can order the audio course directly from Dr. Mounce's website at Teknia.

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, Wallace.

Another "goodie". This is a second year/reference level Greek grammar by a pioneer in computerized analysis of the Greek language. Dr. Wallace has filled this book with helpful and relevant examples drawn directly from the Biblical text. He has done ground-breaking work on several important areas of Greek grammar, including Granville Sharps' rule and Colwell's rule. This book will prove to be one of your most-referenced resources for years to come. 

Bibleworks, Hermeneutika software.

One word describes this software: Amazing! This is not a bargain basement Bible research tool. It is as good as it gets and it remains very affordable. Check it out at Bibleworks.

New Testament Greek Primer, Baugh.

A good workbook when used in combination with other materials.

Grammar of the NT In Light of Historical Research, Robertson.

An older reference grammar that continues to be helpful. It's a heavyweight in more ways than one. It was a ground-breaking work in its time. This grammar is the technical foundation for another work by Robertson, Word Pictures in the New Testament (a multi-volume work available on CD-Rom). Word Pictures is extremely helpful for laymen in understanding the nuances of the NT Greek text.

Manual Grammar of the Greek NT, Dana & Mantey.

Although many years old, this text is important and cannot be overlooked.

Grammar of the Greek New Testament, Blass, Debrunner, Funk.

The standard reference grammar used by the scholarly community.

It's Still Greek to Me, Black.

This book takes the time to re-explain Greek grammar for those who couldn't quite "get it" in second-year Greek. The author uses a friendly, humorous style to provide instruction and encouragement.

Learn to Read New Testament Greek, Black.

A first-year text not up to the level of Mounce's textbook.

Using New Testament Greek in Ministry, Black.

Anyone who has tried to or thought of learning NT Greek needs encouragement to persevere in their studies. Black shares his wisdom with words in due season for Greek students.

Syntax of New Testament Greek, Brooks & Winberry.

A small book relatively limited in its usefulness.

User-Friendly Greek, Easley

This small paperback has its pluses and minuses. On the upside, Easley takes the time to explain some grammatical terms which other works assume the reader is already familiar with. This is very helpful for those who are studying apart from a formal class. On the downside, Easley disparages several parts of Greek grammar which can be found repeatedly in standard full-blown grammars. I am unable to evaluate if this comes from Easley's attempt to make the language "user friendly" as the title suggests or if he has an honest and articulable objection to these grammars. The positive benefits of this book make it worthwhile.

Analytical Greek NT, Friberg.

Very helpful. Included with the Bibleworks software referenced above.

Analytical Lexicon of the Greek NT, Friberg.

Very helpful. Included with the Bibleworks software referenced above.

New Testament Greek Syntax: Illustrated by Example, Perschbacher.

Very helpful.

Expositors Greek Testament, Nicoll.

This is a standard multi-volume commentary on the Greek text. It is an older work and thus not helpful on most current issues.

Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament: Semantic Domains, Louw & Nida.

Very helpful. Included with the Bibleworks software referenced above.

Englishman's Greek Concordance of the NT, Wigram.

Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the NT

Analytical Lexicon of the Greek NT, Mounce.

New Analytical Greek Lexicon, Pershbacher.

Essentials of NT Greek, Summers.

I've found this to be of limited value.

NT Greek for Beginners, Machen.

Complete Word Study Dictionary of the NT, Zodhiates.

Complete Word Study Dictionary Scriptural Reference Index, Zodhiates.

Word Study NT w/parallel Greek Text, Zodhiates.

Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek, Black.

New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, Brown.

Syntax of Moods and Tenses in New Testament Greek, Burton.

Greek Accents - A Students Manual, Carson.

How to Use New Testament Greek Study Aids, Clark.


Biblical Hebrew

Analytical Hebrew Lexicon, Davidson.


Doctrine of God

The Trinity - Evidence and Issues, Robert Morey, World Publishing, 587 pages, intermediate to advanced.
This book is a full-fledged exposition of the Trinity by a conservative evangelical scholar. Morey covers everything from epistemology, Old Testament evidence, New Testament evidence, intertestamental documents, church history, and detailed refutations of both the Arian and Modalist heresies. It is a serious work and takes serious work to understand some of the evidence and argumentation. But it is well worth it. Morey's identification of logical fallacies in the apologetics of heretical views is devastating to their positions.

I highly recommend this book. It will not only help you understand the depths of the Trinity, it will teach you how to think about such things. Morey goes against the grain of current theological treatises and frames his arguments deductively rather than inductively. It's a different slant on things that needs to be pursued. I believe there is a tremendous potential in this book for strengthening our apologetics of the Triune God.


Dr. Morey's work can be found online here.
Battle of the Gods - 27 audio cassettes, Dr. Robert Morey.

This series of sermons formed the foundation of the book by the same name. This is not dry scholasticism, presented by a scholar for scholars. Morey preaches to his congregation with the heart of a pastor mingled with the insight of a theologian. Morey's concern here is to articulate the historic biblical doctrines of the omniscience and sovereignty of God and to contrast them with the "finite godism" of process theologians and cults.

Battle of the Gods, Dr. Robert Morey, Crowne Publications, 316 pages, intermediate.
Morey analyzes the heretical claims of the "finite god" theologians (Pinnock, et al.) in this defense of classical Christian Theism. This is an excellent complementary study to his book on the Trinity. A solid presentation of the Biblical "omni's" and sovereignty of God.
Here Is Your God, Dr. Robert Morey, Crowne Publications, 142 pages, intermediate.
This is a condensed version of Battle of the Gods discussed above, to be used as a study guide for individuals or groups.
The Doctrine of God, Herman Bavinck, Banner of Truth, 407 pages, intermediate to advanced.

This is an important study from a Dutch theologian, translated by William Hendriksen. One glaring omission in the work is the absence of a scripture index.


The Existence and Attributes of God, Stephen Charnock, Baker, 2 vols. in 1 (606 pages and 543 pages), intermediate to advanced.

A classic Puritan look at the doctrine of God.


God in Three Persons, Millard Erickson, Baker, 356 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Why You Should Believe In The Trinity, Robert M. Bowman, Jr., Baker, 157 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Pleasures of God, John Piper, Multnomah, 328 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Pleasures of God sermon series by John Piper.

The sermons that formed the foundation of his book.
Knowing God, J.I. Packer, IVP, 256 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Character of God - Discovering the God Who Is, R.C. Sproul, Vine Books, 173 pages, basic.

The Invisible Hand - Do All Things Really Work for Good?, R.C. Sproul, Word, 210 pages, basic to intermediate.

God is King, Tom Wells, Evangelical Press, 128 pages, basic.

Three Are One, Olyott, basic.

Written as an introduction to the Trinity, Olyott introduces new Christians to the doctrine of the Triune God.
The Trinity, Bickersteth, basic to intermediate.
Many counter-cult defenses of the Trinity follow the pattern of Bickersteth's foundational work. It is a helpful volume.

Doctrine of Christ

Putting Jesus In His Place, Robert M. Bowman, Jr. and J. Ed Komoszewski.  Approx 400 pages, intermediate.  Read my review here.

The Person and Work of Christ, Benjamin B. Warfield, P&R, 575 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Jesus as God: The New Testament Use of Theos in Reference to Jesus, Murray Harris, advanced.

Harris has performed a monumental service to the church in this examination and defense of the Deity of Christ. It appears that Christology will continue to be the seed-bed for heterodoxy and heresy. Some of the present attacks on the person of Christ are quite sophisticated in their subtlety. Harris performs able service in pointing out the anti-biblical nature of liberal Christology and the Arian and Modalist heresies.
Christ Among Other Gods, Erwin Lutzer, Moody, 207 pages, basic to intermediate.

Christ's Pre-Eminence, Tobias Crisp, 28 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Word Became Flesh - A Contemporary Incarnational Christology, Millard Erickson, Baker, 663 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Fountain of Life - Presenting Christ In His Essential and Mediatorial Glory, John Flavel, Baker, 556 pages, intermediate.

The Person of Christ, Reformation & Revival Journal Spring 1993, 144 pages, basic to intermediate.

Mighty Christ - Touching Glory, R.C. Sproul, Christian Focus Publications, 144 pages, basic.

Jesus, Divine Messiah - The New Testament Witness, Robert L. Reymond, P&R, 347 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Christ: The Way, The Truth, The Life, John Brown, Soli Deo Gloria, 319 pages, intermediate.

Was Christ God?, Zodhiates.

Divine Glory of Christ, Brown.



Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

The Mystery of the Holy Spirit, R.C. Sproul, Tyndale, 191 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Method of Grace - How the Holy Spirit Works, John Flavel, Baker, 560 pages, intermediate to advanced.


Doctrine of Scripture

The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible, B.B. Warfield, P&R, 446 pages, intermediate to advanced.

A General introduction to the Bible, Norman L. Geisler and William E. Nix, Moody Press, 480 pages, intermediate to advanced.

God Has Spoken, J.I. Packer, Baker, 174 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Sola Scriptura - The Protestant Position On The Bible, Don Kistler-editor, Soli Deo Gloria, 280 pages, intermediate.

The New Testament - An Introduction to its Literature and History, J. Gresham Machen, Banner of Truth, 386 pages, intermediate.

An Introduction to the New Testament; D.A. Carson, Douglas J. Moo, Leon Morris, Zondervan, 537 pages, intermediate.

Introduction to Sola Scriptura - A Survey of Protestant Confessions

The Greatest Fight In The World, Charles H. Spurgeon, CR&E, 33 pages, basic to intermediate.

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, Gleason L. Archer, Zondervan, 476 pages, intermediate to advanced.

When Critics Ask - A Popular Handbook on Bible Difficulties, Norman Geisler & Thomas Howe, Victor, 604 pages, intermediate.

Living By The Book, Howard G. Hendricks & William D. Hendricks, Moody, 349 pages, intermediate.

Biblical Interpretation - Then and Now: Contemporary Hermeneutics in the Light of the Early Church, David S. Dockery, Baker, 247 pages, intermediate to advanced.

A Layman's Guide to the Inerrancy Debate, Richard P. Belcher, Richbarry Press, 80 pages, intermediate.

The First New Testament, David Estrada & William White, Jr., Nelson, 144 pages, intermediate to advanced.

He is there and he is not silent, Francis A. Schaeffer, Tyndale, 100 pages, intermediate.

Exegetical Fallacies, D.A. Carson, Baker, 153 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Scripture Twisting - 20 Ways the Cults Misread the Bible, James W. Sire, IVP, 180 pages, intermediate.

7 Crucial Questions About the Bible - And How the Answers Will Strengthen Your Faith, James C. Denison, B&H, 176 pages, basic.

Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon, D.A. Carson & John D. Woodbridge - editors, Baker, 468 pages, intermediate to advanced.

God's Hammer - The Bible and Its Critics, Gordon H. Clark, Trinity, 215 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Religion, Reason, and Revelation, Gordon H. Clark, Trinity, 264 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Canon of Scripture, F.F. Bruce, IVP, 349 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration, Basil Manly, Jr., B&H, 282 pages, intermediate to advanced.

A Harmony of the Gospels, A.T. Robertson, Harper, 305 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Knowing Scripture, R.C. Sproul, IVP, 125 pages, basic.

Nothing But the Truth - The Inspiration, authority, and history of the Bible explained, Brian H. Edwards, Evangelical Press, 392 pages, basic.

Thy Word Is Truth, E.J. Young, Banner of Truth, 280 pages, intermediate.

The Sufficiency of Scripture, Noel Weeks, Banner of Truth, 309 pages, intermediate.

Many Verses! - The Importance of Reading the Scriptures in Reformed Worship, Ernest Springer, Old Paths Publications, 73 pages, intermediate.

The "Down Grade" Controversy, C.H. Spurgeon, Pilgrim Publications, 110 pages, basic to intermediate.



Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology, Louis Berkhof, Eerdmans, 784 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin [translated by Henry Beveridge], Eerdmans, 2 vols in 1 (582 pages and 704 pages, intermediate to advanced.

A Body of Divinity, Thomas Watson, Banner of Truth, 316 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Abstract of Systematic Theology, James P. Boyce, 493 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Know The Truth - A handbook of Christian belief, Bruce Milne, IVP, 288 pages, intermediate.

Christian Theology, Millard Erickson, Baker, 1302 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Systematic Theology - An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine, Wayne Grudem, Zondervan, 1264 pages, intermediate to advanced.

An Introduction to Systematic Theology, Cornelius Van Til, P&R, 262 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Handbook of Theology, Norvell Robertson, Gano Books, 323 pages, basic.

Biblical Doctrines, Warfield.


Historical Theology

Historical Theology, William Cunningham, Banner of Truth, 2 vols - 639 pages and 614 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Reformers and the Theology of the Reformation, William Cunningham, Banner of Truth, 616 pages, intermediate to advanced.

By His Grace and For His Glory - A historical, Theological, and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life, Thomas J. Nettles, Baker, 442 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Best of A.T. Robertson, A.T. Robertson, B&H, 270 pages, intermediate.

The History of Christian Doctrines, Louis Berkhof, Baker, 285 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Theology of the Reformers, Timothy George, Broadman, 337 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Early Christian Doctrine, J.N.D. Kelly.

Biblical Theology, Vos.


Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms

Baptist Confession of 1689, basic to intermediate.

The Heidelberg Catechism, United Church Press, 127 pages, basic to intermediate.

Baptist Confessions, Covenants, and Catechisms, John A. Broadus, B&H, 282 pages, basic to intermediate.

A modern exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, Samuel E. Waldron, Evangelical Press,490 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Baptist Roots In America, Samuel E. Waldron, Simpson Publishing, 50 pages, basic.

A Discussion of the Seventeenth Century Particular Baptist Confessions of Faith, Belcher & Mattia, Richbarry Press, 56 pages, basic.

Shorter Catechism Explained, Vincent.


Doctrine of Salvation

All of Grace, C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 128 pages, basic to intermediate.

Around the Wicket Gate, Spurgeon.

Compel Them To Come In, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 16 pages, intermediate.

The Force of Truth, Scott.

Justification by Grace, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 13 pages, intermediate.

Baptismal Regeneration, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 16 pages, intermediate.

Around the Wicket Gate, C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 66 pages, basic to intermediate.

The King's Highway, C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 126 pages, basic to intermediate.

Able to the Uttermost, C.H. Spurgeon, Pilgrim Publications, 240 pages, basic to intermediate.

Faith Alone - The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification, R.C. Sproul, Baker, 221 pages, intermediate.

Justification by Faith, James R. White, Crowne, 56 pages, intermediate.

Justification by Faith Alone - Affirming The Doctrine by Which The Church and The Individual Stands or Falls, Don Kistler - editor, Soli Deo Gloria, 188 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Great Exchange - Justification by Faith Alone In The Light of Recent Thought, Philip H. Eveson, Day One, 227 pages, intermediate, $15.00

Future Grace, John Piper, Multnomah, 448 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Justification of God, John Piper, Baker, 245 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Doctrine of Justification, James Buchanan, Banner of Truth, 514 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Plight of Man and the Power of God, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Baker, 94 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Forgiveness of Sin - A Practical Exposition of Psalm 130, John Owen, Baker, 429 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross, Leon Morris, Eerdmans, 318 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Putting Amazing Back into Grace - Who Does What in Salvation?, Michael Horton, Baker, 319 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Law and the Gospel, Ernest C. Reisinger, P&R, 196 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Gospel of the Reformation - Salvation >From the Guilt and Power of Sin, William Webster, Christian Resources, 218 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Heart of Christianity, Ron Rhodes, Harvest House, 201 pages, basic.

Does It Matter That I'm Saved? - What the Bible Teaches about Salvation, Millard Erickson, Baker, 159 pages, basic.

How Can I Be Sure I'm A Christian? - What the Bible Says About Assurance of Salvation, Donald Whitney, Navpress, 153 pages, basic.

The Everlasting Righteousness, Horatius Bonar, Chapel Library, 129 pages, basic to intermediate. Read it online here. This is one of the best basic explanations of justification that I have read. Highly recommended.

God's Way of Peace, Horatius Bonar, Evangelical Press, 110 pages, basic to intermediate.

Come to Me! - An Urgent Invitation to Turn to Christ, Tom Wells, Banner of Truth, 113 pages, basic.

This short book is packed with good news! Sometimes we get too wrapped up in intellectual theology to the neglect of the great truths of the gospel stated in everyday language. Wells glorifies Christ in the simplicity and clarity of the gospel he presents. Particularly beneficial are the three chapters: Come to Me as King, Come to Me Exclusively, and Come to Me Immediately.
The entire book is helpful for those who are not yet Christians and these three chapters are especially helpful to those who are already Christians. They are a great reminder of the glory, beauty, and uniqueness of Christ and His claim on every sinner. 

The Gospel Pointing to the Person of Christ, A.A. Bonar, Christian Focus Publications, 128 pages, basic.

The Justified Believer, Joseph Hart & W.B. Mackenzie, Sprinkle Publications, 106 and 146 pages, intermediate.

Right With God, John Blanchard, Banner of Truth, 126 pages, basic.

A Sure Guide to Heaven, Joseph Alleine, Banner of Truth, 148 pages, intermediate.

The Doctrine of Repentance, Thomas Watson, Banner of Truth, 122 pages, intermediate.

Justification by an Imputed Righteousness, John Bunyan, Chapel Library, 48 pages, intermediate to advanced.

    The content of this thin booklet is thick, thicker than the mighty trunk of the greatest tree in the world. Bunyan's main point focuses on the fact that sinners stand justified before God while yet sinners in themselves. Bunyan exalts Christ and His work solely, to the direct exclusion of any idea of us meriting justification in ourselves in any way whatsoever.
    Though we would stand gazing in the mirror awestruck at our moral excellence and our beautiful works commending us to God, Bunyan intervenes in the midst of our error and piles scripture so high between us and our reflection that we cannot even jump over it to catch a single glimpse of that false beauty we take pride in. This booklet firstly glorifies God and His sufficiency. Secondly it gives us nothing to hope in but Christ. And should our hope be built on anything else? 

The Lord Our Righteousness, George Whitefield, Evangelical Press, 32 pages, basic.

Not Guilty (Modern Abridgement of Doctrine of Justification), James Buchanan, Grace Publications, 96 pages, basic.

Ultimate Questions, John Blanchard, Evangelical Press, 30 pages, basic.

No Condemnation In Christ Jesus, Octavius Winslow, Banner of Truth, 396 pages, intermediate.

Iustitia Dei - A history of the Christian doctrine of Justification from the beginnings to the present day (2 vols.), Alister E. McGrath, Cambridge, 252 pages and 264 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Cross, Reformation & Revival Journal Winter 1996, 170 pages, basic to intermediate.

Justification, Reformation & Revival Journal Fall 1997, 213 pages, basic to intermediate.

Justification by Grace, Charles Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 13 pages, basic.

Reasons Why Some Will Not Come to Christ, Albert N. Martin, Chapel Library, 12 pages, basic.

What is a Biblical Christian?, Albert N. Martin, Chapel Library, 19 pages, basic.

The Method of Grace, George Whitefield, Chapel Library, 24 pages, intermediate.

Jesus Only, Horatius Bonar, Chapel Library, 16 pages, basic.

How Shall I Go To God?, Horatius Bonar, Chapel Library, 41 pages, basic.

A Sermon for the Worst Man on Earth, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 23 pages, basic.

None But Jesus, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 39 pages, basic.

Turn or Burn, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 20 pages, basic.

Come Unto Me All Ye That Labor - An Exposition of Matthew 11:28, Thomas Boston, Chapel Library, 32 pages, basic.

An Earnest Call To The Unsaved, Ferrell Griswold, Chapel Library, 28 pages, basic.

Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God, Jonathan Edwards, Chapel Library, 20 pages, intermediate.

Spurgeon's Sermons on the Cross of Christ, C.H. Spurgeon, Kregel, 160 pages, basic.

The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith, Thomas Goodwin, Banner of Truth, 593 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Plan of Salvation, B.B. Warfield, Simpson Publishing, 113 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Faith - What It Is and What It Leads To , C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 51 pages, basic.

The Savior of the World, B.B. Warfield, Banner of Truth, 270 pages, basic.


General Examinations of the Doctrines of Grace

What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism, Bethlehem Baptist Church Staff, 31 pages, basic.

The Five Points of Calvinism, W.J. Seaton, Banner of Truth, 24 pages, basic.

Exposition of the Doctrines of Grace, C.H. Spurgeon, 32 pages, basic.

God's Sovereign Grace - A Biblical Examination of "Calvinism", James R. White, Crowne, 159 pages, basic.

The Cause of God and Truth, John Gill, Baptist Standard Bearer, 330 pages, intermediate to advanced.

No Place for Sovereignty - What's Wrong with Freewill Theism, R.K. McGregor Wright, IVP, 249 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Grace of God - The Bondage of the Will: Biblical and Practical Perspectives on Calvinism, Schreiner and Ware - editors, Baker, 521 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Willing to Believe, R.C. Sproul, Baker, 221 pages, intermediate.

The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, Lorraine Boettner, P&R, 440 pages, intermediate.

Here We Stand - A Call from Confessing Evangelicals, Boice and Sasse - Editors, Baker, 207 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Five Points of Calvinism, Edwin Palmer, Baker, 132 pages, intermediate.

Let The Nations Be Glad! - The Supremacy of God in Missions, John Piper, Baker, 240 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Supremacy of God in Preaching, John Piper, Baker, 119 pages, basic to intermediate.

Tell the Truth - The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People, Will Metzger, IVP, 187 pages, basic.

Redemption Accomplished and Applied, John Murray, Eerdmans, 192 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, John Owen, Banner of Truth, 312 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Cross and Salvation, Demarest.

The Atonement, Gordon H. Clark, Trinity, 159 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Studies In The Atonement, Robert Morey, Crowne, 297 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Christ's Doctrine of the Atonement, George Smeaton, Banner of Truth, 502 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Apostle's Doctrine of the Atonement, George Smeaton, Banner of Truth, intermediate to advanced.

The Atonement - Its Meaning and Significance, Leon Morris, IVP, 219 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Imputation of Adam's Sin, John Murray, P&R, 95 pages, intermediate.

Words to Winners of Souls, Horatius Bonar, P&R, 59 pages, basic.

A Price for a People - The Meaning of Christ's Death, Tom Wells, Banner of Truth, 165 pages, basic to intermediate.

Today's Evangelism - Its Message and Methods, Ernest C. Reisinger, Craig Press, 163 pages, basic to intermediate.

This book lives up to its title. It is a good examination of the foundation of evangelism and the outworking of that foundation in our methods of evangelism. Those familiar with Pastor Albert Martin's ministry at Trinity Baptist Church will immediately recognize familiar ground trod here: a right rule (the Word of God), a right end (the glory of God), and a right motive (love to God and love to man).
Reisinger writes concerning why we should examine our methods of evangelism, "The question is not going to be 'Does it work?' but 'Is it true?' - 'Is it biblical?' The Jehovah's Witnesses' system works because they get converts, but is it true?" This book is a relatively quick read and it has lasting value. It's a good dose of 'true truth' for all the Lord's evangelists.


Chosen By God - Know God's perfect plan for His glory and His children, R.C. Sproul, Tyndale, 213 pages, basic.


By God's Grace Alone (A Modern Abridgement of The Reign of Grace), Abraham Booth, Grace Publications, 73 pages, basic.


The Reign of Grace - From Its Rise To Its Consummation, Abraham Booth, Reiner Publications, 291 pages, intermediate to advanced. You can read The Reign of Grace here.

Today's Gospel - Authentic or Synthetic?, Walter Chantry, Banner of Truth, 95 pages, basic.

Drawn by the Father - A Study of John 6:35-45, James R. White, Crowne, 61 pages, basic.

Spurgeon v. Hyper-Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching, Iain H. Murray, Banner of Truth, 164 pages, basic.

God-Centered Evangelism, R.B. Kuiper, Banner of Truth, 247 pages, intermediate.

A Vision for Missions, Tom Wells, Banner of Truth, 157 pages, basic.

Faith - The Gift of God, Tom Wells, Banner of Truth, 156 pages, basic.

Sermons from 1828 to 1860, William Cunningham, Still Waters Revival Books, 416 pages, intermediate.

New Covenant, Reformation & Revival Journal Summer 1997, 245 pages, basic to intermediate.

Preaching, Reformation & Revival Journal Fall 1992, 143 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Coming Evangelical Crisis, John Armstrong - editor, Moody, 268 pages, intermediate.

Grace Unknown - The Heart of Reformed Theology, R.C. Sproul, Baker, 230 pages, basic.

What is an Evangelical?, D.M. Lloyd-Jones, Banner of Truth, 91 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Doctrine of Predestination Unto Life, William Cooper, Pietan Publications, 116 pages, intermediate.

The Five Points of Calvinism, R.L. Dabney and Rev. Jonathan Dickinson, Sprinkle Publications, 80 and 252 pages, intermediate.

Romans - An Interpretive Outline, David Steele and Curtis Thomas, P&R, 200 pages, intermediate.

The Five Points of Calvinism - Defined, Defended, Documented, David Steele and Curtis Thomas, P&R, 95 pages, basic.

Election, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 17 pages, intermediate.

A Defense of Calvinism, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 12 pages, intermediate.

God's Indisputable Sovereignty, Anonymous, Chapel Library, 20 pages, basic.

Questions On The Atonement, Dennis R. Fry, Chapel Library, 21 pages, basic.

A Brief Study of The Doctrines of Grace in the Gospel of John, R. Bruce Steward, Chapel Library, 35 pages, basic.

Human Inability, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 16 pages, intermediate.

Truth and Error, Horatius Bonar.

The Wisdom of God Displayed in the Mystery of Redemption, James Haldane, Chapel Library, 25 pages, basic.

The Atonement, John Murray, Chapel Library, 20 pages, intermediate.

Free Will - A Slave, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 24 pages, basic.

Absolute Predestination, Jerome Zanchius, Silver Trumpet Publications, 126 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Words of Counsel for Christian Workers, C.H. Spurgeon, Pilgrim, 156 pages, basic.

Words to Winners of Souls, Horatius Bonar, P&R, 59 pages, basic.

Christ Crucified - A Puritan's View of Atonement, Stephen Charnock, Christian Heritage, 207 pages, intermediate.

Christ Our Penal Substitute, Robert Dabney, Sprinkle, 115 pages, intermediate.

Doctrine of The Atonement, James A. Haldane, Old Paths, 368 pages, basic.

Christian Salvation - Its Doctrine and Experience, Robert Webb, Sprinkle, 437 pages, intermediate.

Art of Prophesying, William Perkins, Banner of Truth, 191 pages, intermediate.


Doctrine of the Christian Life

The Fear of God, Martin.
This series of audio tapes available from Trinity Book Service is highly recommended. The doctrine of the fear of God is much neglected in the church today. This series of sermons by Pastor Al Martin is both biblical and penetrating in its application of this great doctrine to your understanding of and your affections for the Holy One. This tape series is recommended by Jerry Bridges in his most helpful book, The Pursuit of Holiness.


Desiring God - Meditations of a Christian Hedonist, John Piper, Multnomah, 358 pages, basic to intermediate.
Read one of the best books in Christian thought today! John Piper's God-exalting book is one of the most stimulating and engaging books that I have ever read. The chief end of man, Piper writes, is to glorify God by enjoying him forever. He expands on this by repeatedly teaching us that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. God gets the glory, we get the pleasure and happiness. In other words, God's desire to be glorified and my desire for lasting peace, happiness, joy, and satisfaction are not at odds with each other, but are one and the same goal. Reading this book will take you through a whirlwind tour of God-centered Christianity by a careful and very wise guide. Piper shows how a Christian Hedonist uses her money, loves his neighbor, worships his God, and seeks to have others join in worship by exalting God in missions and rejoicing in suffering. Using our sword (the Word) and empowered by prayer, we can be obedient in this battle. This book could reawaken countless numbers of Christians to exalt God for who he is, and is even recommended for the non-Christian who believes that this particular faith is a usual, boring one. It is no exaggeration to state that this book will point one to the fountain of joy: God Himself. Therefore, I would recommend this to all who are Christian Hedonists and all who desire to become one! - Justin Taylor

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Jeremiah Burroughs, Banner of Truth, 228 pages, intermediate.

Life of God in the Soul of Man, Scougal.

The Godly Man's Picture, Thomas Watson, Banner of Truth, 252 pages, intermediate.

This book is an extended meditation on the characteristics of true Christian living. It displays various aspects of God's gracious care of his sons and daughters in a caring, pastoral manner. Watson's writing style is packed with earthy and memorable sayings that apply Biblical truths to the life of the reader. This is the kind of book that sinks in and simmers in the heart, bubbling forth an aroma of godliness in due season. You will find both instruction and encouragement in considering its message.
Grace and Glory, Geerhardus Vos, Banner of Truth, 276 pages, intermediate.

Follow the Lamb, Horatius Bonar, Christian Focus Publications, 63 pages, basic to intermediate.

Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices, Thomas Brooks, Banner of Truth, 253 pages, intermediate.

The Christian's Great Interest, William Guthrie, Banner of Truth, 207 pages, intermediate.

The Mystery of Providence, John Flavel, Banner of Truth, 221 pages, intermediate.

According to Promise - God's Promises to Every Christian, C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 127 pages, intermediate.

C.H. Spurgeon's Prayers, C.H. Spurgeon, Pilgrim Publications, 177 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded, John Owen, Baker, 385 pages, intermediate to advanced.

The Discipline of Grace - God's Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness, Jerry Bridges, Navpress, 239 pages, basic.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald S. Whitney, Navpress, 266 pages, basic.

Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church, Donald S. Whitney, Navpress, 216 pages, basic.

Mind Renewal in a Mindless Age, Boice.

The Almost Christian Discovered, Meade.

All Things for Good, Watson.

Fresh Encounter - Experiencing God Through Prayer, Humility, and a Heartfelt Desire to Know Him, Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King, B&H, 216 pages, basic.

Experiencing God - How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King, B&H, 183 pages, basic.

Trust and Obey - Obedience and the Christian, Don Kistler - editor, Soli Deo Gloria, 206 pages, basic to intermediate.

Logic - The Right Use of Reason in the Inquiry After Truth, Isaac Watts, Soli Deo Gloria, 352 pages, intermediate.

Christian: Take Heart!, Tom Wells, Banner of Truth, 174 pages, basic.

Grow In Grace, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Banner of Truth, 139 pages, basic.

Reckless Faith - When The Church Loses Its Will To Discern, John F. MacArthur, Jr., Crossway Books, 255 pages, basic.

Teachings of Nature in the Kingdom of Grace, C.H. Spurgeon, Pilgrim Publications, 338 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Saint and His Savior, C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 471 pages, basic to intermediate.

Till He Come, C.H. Spurgeon, Christian Focus Publications, 358 pages, basic to intermediate.

Selling Jesus - What's Wrong with Marketing the Church, Douglas D. Webster, IVP, 165 pages, basic.

The Practice of Godliness, Jerry Bridges, Navpress, 270 pages, basic.

How To Keep Your Faith While In College, Robert Morey, Crowne, 146 pages, basic.

Satan's Devices - Breaking Free From The Schemes Of The Enemy, Robert Morey, Harvest House, 211 pages, basic.

Is The Sabbath For Today?, Robert Morey, Research and Education Foundation, 32 pages, basic.

The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church, David F. Wells, Banner of Truth, 13 pages, intermediate.

The Children of Church Members, Richard Furman, Audobon Press, 16 pages, basic.

Trusting God - Even When Life Hurts, Jerry Bridges, Navpress, 215 pages, basic.

Transforming Grace - Living Confidently In God's Unfailing Love, Jerry Bridges, Navpress, 207 pages, basic.


God's Way of Holiness, Horatius Bonar, Evangelical Press, 98 pages, basic, read it online here..

Practice of Piety, Lewis Bayly, Soli Deo Gloria, 343 pages, intermediate.

Marrow of Modern Divinity, Fisher.


Doctrine of Worship

Worship Is All Of Life, Robert Morey, Christian Publications, 113 pages, basic.

Worship: Adoration and Action, D.A. Carson, Baker, 256 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Worship in Spirit and Truth, John M. Frame, P&R, 171 pages, basic to intermediate.

Lectures to My Students, Spurgeon.



Doctrine of Prayer

Method for Prayer, Matthew Henry, Christian Focus Publications, 287 pages, intermediate.

The Practice of Piety, Lewis Bayly, Soli Deo Gloria, 343 pages, intermediate.

A Call to Prayer - An Urgent Plea to Enter into the Secret Place, J.C. Ryle, Audobon Press, 42 pages, basic.

Give Him No Rest - A call to prayer for revival, Errol Hulse, Evangelical Press, 144 pages, basic to intermediate.

Pray With Your Eyes Open - Looking at God, Ourselves, and Our Prayers, Richard L. Pratt, Jr., P&R, 198 pages, basic.

Effective Prayer, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 24 pages, basic.

In this sermon Spurgeon chases through the Scriptures for great lessons in prayer. He calls in the examples of Job, Abraham, Moses, and the intercessory ministry of our Lord to serve as our teachers. His main exhortation, built from their examples, is to order our prayers and fill our mouths with godly arguments. This booklet has had a tremendous impact on my personal prayer life since I pondered its contents a few years ago. It truly is Biblical instruction for "effective prayer".

The Secret of Power In Prayer, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 24 pages, basic.

Abiding in Christ is the secret of power in prayer. Spurgeon here unpacks John 15:7 in a fashion which builds our hope in the God who answers prayer.

Intercessory Prayer, C.H. Spurgeon, Chapel Library, 24 pages, basic.

"The Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends." - Job 42:10.


Doctrine of Baptism

Infant Baptism Examined, Abraham Booth, Gospel Mission Press, 38 pages, intermediate.



Doctrine of Eschatology

Death and the Afterlife, Robert Morey, Bethany House, 315 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Eschatology, Reformation & Revival Journal Spring 1997, 222 pages, basic to intermediate.

Christ of the Covenants, Robertson.

Covenant of Grace, Murray.


Doctrine of Hell

Eternal Punishment, A.W. Pink, Chapel Library, 28 pages, basic.


Examining the Lordship Controversy

Lord & Christ - The Implications of Lordship for Faith and Life, Ernest C. Reisinger, P&R, 178 pages, basic.

Letter to a Friend Concerning the so-called Lordship Controversy, John Piper, Chapel Library, 27 pages, basic.

The Christian Following Christ as Lord, William Webster, Banner of Truth, 159 pages, basic.



Examining the King James Version Only Controversy

The King James Version Debate - A Plea for Realism, D.A. Carson, Baker, 128 pages, intermediate.

The King James Only Controversy - Can You Trust the Modern Translations., James R. White, Bethany House, 286 pages, intermediate.

New Age Bible Versions Refuted, James R. White, Alpha and Omega, 54 pages, intermediate.


Christian Apologetics

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God - A Theology of Lordship, John M. Frame, P&R, 437 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Classical Apologetics - A Rational Defense of the Christian Faith and a critique of Presuppisitional Apologetics, R.C. Sproul, Academie Books, 364 pages, intermediate.

Evidence for Faith, Montgomery.

Christian Apologetics, Geisler.

Christianity On Trial, Chapman.

Cults and the Occult, Gruss.

The Ouija Board, Gruss.

I'm Glad You Asked, Boa and Moody.

Reason to Believe, Sproul.

Can I Really Believe, Vos.

Who Moved the Stone?, Morison.

Do the Resurrection Accounts Conflict?, Ankerberg and Weldon.

Tough Questions Christians Ask, Neff.

Judge for Yourself, Lewis.

Decide for Yourself, Lewis.

When Skeptics Ask, Geisler and Brooks.

Why Should Anyone Believe Anything At All?, Sire.

Christian Apologetics in the Postmodern World, Phillips and Okholm.

Reasonable Faith, Craig.

Now, That's a Good Question!, Sproul.

Christian Apologetics, Van Til.

The Defense of the Faith, Van Til.

How to Respond to Secular Humanism, Lochaas.

What Every Mormon Should Know, Gruss.

The Bible, The Christian, and the Latter-Day Saints, Lewis.

Understanding Secular Religions, McDowell and Stewart.

He Walked Among Us, McDowell.

The Resurrection Factor, McDowell.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict vols. I and II, McDowell.

Answering Mormon's Questions, McKeever.

How to Answer a Mormon, Morey.

Does the Mormon Church Attack Orthodox Christianity?, Farkas.

An Introduction to the Mormon Adam-God Doctrine, Farkas.

Evolution of the Mormon God, Farkas.

The Book of Mormon Compared to Mormonism Compared to the Bible, Farkas.

Introduction to Mormonism for Christians, Farkas.

Alterations to Mormon Revelation, Farkas.

Well..., Are Mormons Christians?, Crosby.

Mormons Answered Verse by Verse, Reed and Farkas.

Mormonism, Farkas and Reed.

Letters to a Mormon Elder, White.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Mormons, Rhodes.

How to Rescue Your Loved One from Mormonism, Reed and Farkas.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism, Ankerberg and Weldon.

The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom, Morey.

A Shattered Visage, Zacharias.

Can Man Live Without God?, Zacharias.

Revealing the New Age Jesus, Groothuis.

The Less Traveled Road and the Bible, House and Abanes.

The Origin and Teachings of Freemasonry, Morey.

Reincarnation and Christianity, Morey.

Compact Guide to World Religions, Halverson.

Orthodoxy and Heresy, Bowman.

Ready with an Answer, Ankerberg and Weldon.

The Culting of America, Rrhodes.

Kingdom of the Cults, Martin.

How to Give Away Your Faith, Little.

How to Keep Your Faith In College , Morey.



Refuting Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism - Evangelical Protestants Analyze What Divides and Unites Us, John Armstrong - editor, Moody, 345 pages, intermediate.

Roman Catholics and Evangelicals - Agreements and Differences, Norman L. Geisler and Ralph E. MacKenzie, Baker, 538 pages, intermediate to advanced.

Saving Faith - How Does Rome Define It?, William Webster, Christian Resources, 93 pages, basic.

John Calvin v. Jacopo Sadoleto - A Reformation Debate, Baker, 136 pages, intermediate.

Salvation, the Bible, and Roman Catholicism, William Webster, Banner of Truth, 183 pages, basic to intermediate.

The Fatal Flaw, James R. White, Crowne, 223 pages, basic.

Answers to Catholic Claims - A Discussion of Biblical Authority, James R. White, Crowne, 164 pages, basic to intermediate.

Quite Contrary - A Biblical Reconsideration of the Apparitions of Mary, Timothy F. Kauffman, White Horse Publications, 189 pages, basic to intermediate.

Graven Bread - the Papacy, the Apparitions of Mary, and the Worship of the Bread of the Altar, Timothy F. Kauffman, White Horse Publications, 204 pages, basic to intermediate.

Infant Baptism - A Part and Pillar of Popery, John Gill, Baptist Standard Bearer, 40 pages, intermediate.

The Church of Rome at the Bar of History, William Webster, Banner of Truth, 244 pages, intermediate.

Protestants and Catholics - Do They Now Agree?, John Ankerberg & John Weldon, Harvest House, 297 pages, basic.

The Gospel According to Rome - comparing Catholic Tradition and the Word of God, James G. McCarthy, Harvest House, 397 pages, basic.

A View of Rome - A Guide to Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Roman Catholics, John H. Armstrong, Moody, 144 pages, basic.

The Reformation View of Roman Catholicism, Robert Morey, Research and Education Foundation, 38 pages, basic, $3.95 from Truth Seekers @ 1-800-41-TRUTH.

The Roman Catholic Controversy - Catholics and Protestants: Do the Differences Still Matter?, James R. White, Bethany House, 268 pages, basic to intermediate.

Making Shipwreck of the Faith, Kevin Reed, Protestant Heritage, 96 pages, basic to intermediate.


Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses, Ron Rhodes, Harvest House, 437 pages, basic.
This is THE best refutation of the Jehovah's Witnesses between two covers. I turn to it repeatedly to answer questions about Jehovah's Witnesses. Rhodes does a good job taking a fairly wide view of the Watchtower religion and not focusing on only one or two problem areas. The chapters cover such topics as: the divine name, the Deity of Christ, Michael the archangel, the Trinity, the 144,000, salvation, soul-sleep, prophecy, and more. Rhodes includes observations about the original Biblical language and contrasts its meaning with the spin put on it by the Watchtower. He also includes suggested questions which you can use to confront Jehovah's Witnesses. Once again, this is the single best resource on refuting the Jehovah's Witnesses in one book. There are other important works which deal with specific Watchtower doctrines but this is the best broad treatment of them that I have found. - Dave Sherrill.

Behind the Watchtower Curtain , Reed.

How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watchtower, Reed.

Jehovah's Witness Literature, Reed.

Index of Watchtower Errors, Reed.

Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse, Reed.

We Left Jehovah's Witnesses, Gruss.

Understanding Jehovah's Witnesses, Bowman.

Witnesses of Jehovah, Chretien.

Pilgrimage Through the Watchtower, Quick.

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Teachings - Have They Changed?, Farkas and Zarpentine.

Jehovah's Witnesses--Their Monuments to False Prophecy, Gruss and Chretien.

Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus Christ, and the Gospel of John , Bowman.

Why You Should Believe in the Trinity, Bowman.


Refuting the Word-Faith Movement

Charismatic Chaos, John F. MacArthur, Jr., Zondervan, 308 pages, basic.

A Different Gospel - A Historical and Biblical Analysis of the Modern Faith Movement, D.R. McConnell, Hendrickson, 195 pages, basic to intermediate.

Christianity In Crisis, Hank Hanegraaff, Harvest House, 447 pages, basic.



Reformation Theology


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